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    Events You Should Not Miss Out On in Berlin in July 2019

    When it gets to the middle of summer, Berlin is a hotbed of activity with a seemingly never-ending list of events happening. From the hubbub of Berlin Fashion Week to some very big concerts taking place for metalheads and pop-lovers alike, there’s a definite party atmosphere in the air.

    Whether you’re staying with us because you’re coming to town for something special or are thinking of staying here at some point in July and don’t have anything planned yet, you might want to know what’s happening in Berlin this month.

    Top 10 events in Berlin this July: 

    1. Metallica at Olympiastadion – 6th July 2019
    2. Christina Aguilera at Mercedes-Benz Arena – 11th July 2019
    3. Pink at Olympiastadion – 14th July 2019
    4. Janelle Monae at Zitadelle Spandau – 7th July 2019
    5. Foreigner at Zitadelle Spandau – 15th July 2019
    6. Security of Things World Conference at H4 Alexanderplatz – 30th June- 2nd July 2019
    7. Tech Open Air (TOA) at Funkhaus Berlin – 2nd – 5th July 2019
    8. Berlin Fashion Week at multiple locations – 2nd – 6th July 2019
    9. Premium International Fashion Trade Show at Station Berlin 2019 – 2nd - 4th July 2019
    10. SEEK at Arena Berlin – 2nd - 4th July 2019

     More details on each of the events: 

    • Event: Metallica
    • Date: Sat 6 July 2019
    • Venue: Olympiastadion

    One of two massive concerts taking place in the Olympiastadion (more on the second later), Metallica touch down in Berlin as part of their Worldwired Tour that has already seen them play to millions in Portugal, Ireland, France and the UK.

    It is guaranteed to be one of the loudest nights of the year for certain, with rock lovers of all ages descending into the stadium to turn things up to 11.

    Our recommendation, of course, would be to make sure you have some earplugs with you just to stop yourself from waking up with ringing ears the next morning. 

    • Event: Christina Aguilera
    • Date: Thu 11 July 2019
    • Venue: Mercedes-Benz Arena

    Pop royalty comes to the Mercedes-Benz Arena this month as Christina Aguilera plays her first show in Berlin for a few years. She’s come a long way from singing Genie in a Bottle, and if you’ve never been to one of her shows, you’ll be surprised with how many of her old songs you actually remember.

    Don’t forget that we’re only two stops away from Berlin Warschauer Straße station, the closest stop to the arena. 

    • Event: Pink
    • Date: Sun 14 July 2019
    • Venue: Olympiastadion 

    It is incredible to think Pink has been a pop star for two decades now, and with her having a concert at the Olympiastadion that is almost guaranteed to sell out, it’s easy to argue she’s one of the world’s biggest pop stars.

    She has a devoted following and her shows turn in to one big karaoke session as she runs through all her greatest hits.

    • Event: Janelle Monae
    • Date: Sun 7 July 2019
    • Venue: Zitadelle 

    Expect tastemakers and fans of funky pop to take over the Zitadelle when Janelle Monae is in town. One of two shows she’s doing in Germany as part of a European tour, and coming fresh off her third album Dirty Computer, if you’re a fan of artists like Prince and Alicia Keys, this a can’t miss event.

    • Event: Foreigner
    • Date: Mon 15 July 2019
    • Venue: Zitadelle Spandau 

    We’ve all belted out their power ballads at the top of our lungs during karaoke or in the shower, and now is your chance to do it live when Foreigner come to Berlin.

    Expect this show to be chock a block with classics like Cold As Ice and Juke Box Hero and plenty of classic rock lovers.

    • Event: Security of Things World Conference
    • Date: Sun 30 June- Tue 2 July 2019
    • Venue: H4 Alexanderplatz

    You’d be surprised just how much the things we use from day to day are reliant upon having good security. At the Security of Things World Conference experts from the world of IT and cybersecurity come to Berlin to show off the latest breakthroughs in security for everything from our phones to cars and pretty much anything that can connect to the internet. 

    We are located less than 2km away from the venue, making it easy to get there on foot, or a quick jump on the M48 bus which only takes 15 minutes.

    • Event: Tech Open Air (TOA)
    • Date: Tue 2 July – Fri 5 July 2019
    • Venue: Funkhaus Berlin

    As soon as one conference ends, another begins!

    Tech Open Air (TOA) are on a self-confessed mission to “make your futureproof” when it comes to how to use technology.

    The four-day conference taking place at Funkhaus in the east of the city, with speakers from all backgrounds discussing how technology is changing the way businesses are run, how we view the world and what changes it is having on a day to day life. 

    • Event: Berlin Fashion Week
    • Date: Tue 2 July – Sat 6 July 2019
    • Venue: Multiple across Berlin

    What are we going to be wearing this autumn/winter season and what is going to turn head on the runway?

    One of the biggest events on the fashion calendar, Berlin Fashion Week takes over 100 venues across the city with catwalk shows, unique exhibitions, workshops and talks.

    This season’s big talking points is focussed on the relationship between technology and fashion, and the importance that needs to be put on sustainable fashion. 

    With our location by Museum Island, it’s the perfect hub if you’re coming to Fashion Week and plan on hopping around the city all week.

    • Event: Premium International Fashion Trade Show
    • Date: Tue 2 July – Thu 4 July 2019
    • Venue: Station Berlin 2019 

    When Berlin Fashion Week is taking place, all the tastemakers and trendsetters who decide what will appear on racks in shops across Europe are at the Premium International Fashion Trade Show (simply known at PREMIUM).

    The trade event is the chance for fashion designers and buyers to meet face to face and see what’s going to be flying off the shelves. If you’re fashion forward and love getting something from a designer before they hit stores, this is the ideal event for it. 

    We’re conveniently just a few stops from the venue on the U2 line. 

    • Event: SEEK
    • Date: Tue 2 July – Thu 4 July 2019
    • Venue: Arena Berlin

    And if you take streetwear very seriously and prefer a cooler event when visiting during Fashion Week, SEEK is the place to be. 

    It’s a similar event to PREMIUM but much more focussed on showcasing brands that ooze cool. We’re talking the likes of Bad Monday, Eastpak, Fila, Fred Perry and Umbro. For those who love sneaker shopping or will happily spend hours in an Urban Outfitters, this is the fashion event for you.

    Taking place at Arena Berlin, it’s a straight line along Köpenicker St on the 265 or a 10-minute taxi 


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